The Roman Road

Justification Freed from the wages of sin by grace through faith in Christ

Rom 1 -  All are dead, lifeless sinners who desperately need God's grace

Rom 2 -  Bad News for all whose hope rests in anything but God's grace in Christ

Rom 3 -  There is no advantage to being a Jew, religious, good, or self-righteous

Rom 4 -  Even Abraham's righteousness is by faith alone, ...not works or lineage

Rom 5 - Those justified by faith in Christ, can live abundant life now and forever


Sanctification Freed from the power of sin by the indwelling Holy Spirit

Rom 6 - Dead to Sin; Alive in God's Spirit;  Free in Christ's Lordship

Rom 7 My sinful flesh wages war against God's Spirit for control of my life

Rom 8 Freedom in Christ from condemnation, sin and death


God's sovereign dealings with Israel (and all without Christ)

Rom 9 God's sovereign choice to give life by grace through faith in Christ

Rom 10 Jews & Gentiles alike, are saved and righteous by Grace in Christ alone

Rom 11 Israel and the lost are neither condemned by sin or saved by merit


Living by faith in God's Holy Spirit

Rom 12 The work of God's Holy Spirit in and through believers

Rom 13 Believers are to trust God with their lives, and submit to world's authority


Helping others live by faith

Rom 14 Christian living in good conscience toward God and man

Rom 15 Importance of consideration toward weaker brothers in Christ

Rom 16 Christian work is commended;  divisiveness is condemned


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