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False Identity 


God knows us better than we know ourselves, yet still loves us 


God's love is not based on man's value. Man's value is established by God's love 

On the surface, Terrance R. Jaffey lookedlike the perfect head for the troubled Tourism Promotion Council. His biography described a manwith 10 years at the World Bank, an MBA from George Washington University and a businessdegree from Columbia University. Terrance also claimed to have been the Director of theEuropean Trade Council (ETC) for 5 years. In reality, Jaffey was never an employee of WorldBank, the ETC was only formed two years after he said he was a Director and he nevergraduated from college! The discrepancies were discovered after Jaffey apparently began tobelieve his own stories and presented fabricated credentials as part of his bid for public office.

Like many, Terrance Jaffey presented an illusion that was bigger than his real life. Countless others similarly borrow themselves into bankruptcy and ruin, attempting to convinceothers that they have larger incomes. The U.S. Government is an unparalleled example of livingbeyond one's means. The next generation will pay a painful price for the ambitions of thisgeneration's politicians. Enormous industries have grown out of creating illusions that are biggerthan life. Movies, fashion, advertising, credit cards, weddings and funerals are a few examples.

The world awards honor and respect to those with fame, wealth and power. Truevirtues, such as faith, truth and integrity are largely ignored, or viewed as foolish by a lost anddying world (I Cor.1:18). Those virtues are actually the substance of true life in God's eternalkingdom. Sadly, many parents prepare their children to live a fantasy, rather than real life. Theyconfuse illusions with reality and create the impression that reality and appearances aresynonymous. Compare, for example, the cars in the student parking lot of most high schools,with those in the teacher's parking lot. Some child sports heros and beauty queens are driven toaddictions, debt and divorce in later life, by their inability to distinguish between illusions andreality.

God created man and the universe. He is not impressed by position, lineage,possessions or talents (Gal 3:28). God loves the king and pauper alike, and shows mercy andkindness to both (Acts 10:34). All believers stand on level ground before God and truly worshipin Spirit and truth. Without faith, human strength and accomplishment are empty and meaningless(I Sam 2:9, Matt.22:13, 25:30). People sometimes spend lifetimes working for fortunes andpositions that pass in an instant; yet, spend only minutes seeking the eternal things of God. Exchanging one's life for power and wealth, will never produce true joy or contentment. Thosethings only come from God. The man who gains the entire world, but loses his soul, has losteverything. (Mark 8:36-37).

God's love does not depend on man's ability, wealth or position. Man's value is established and confirmed by God's love. Nothing in creation can separate believers in Christ,from God's love (Rom 8:38-39). Likewise, nothing can ever rejoin non-believers with God, oncethey pass from this lifetime without Jesus Christ. (I Chr.28:9, Jn.3:18, Jd.1:12-13).

Terrance Jaffey impressed men with words and illusions, for a few moments, but men areeasily impressed by illusions. With God, these things are like dead grass and flowers. They haveno true life, truth or power (Ps.37:1-2, 90:4-10; I Pet.1:24). God knows the deepest, hiddenrecesses of our hearts and minds. All will one day stand open and naked before him (Heb. 4:13). Jesus Christ alone is real. All else is an illusion. Accept Christ as your personal Savior and claimyour identity in him today! (#58)  

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