Old Testament

A deeper look at great Old Testament Bible Stories
(A collection of sermons and teachings by Rev. John Horton)



1. Creation

Genesis 1:1 2:3

    God's creation threatens man's rule as God of his own life


2. The Fall of Mankind

Genesis 3

    Original sin:  Man's fall from the garden, INTO God's grace


3. Noah and the Flood

Genesis 7

    God saves all who will enter the "Christ ark" today!


4. God's Covenant promises

Genesis 15-21

    Covenant people in a covenant relationship with a covenant God


5. Exodus Deliverance from Slavery

Exodus 2-14

    There is as much slavery in your town, as there ever was in Egypt


6. The Ten Commandments

Exodus 20:2-17

    A window the heart, not rules leading to righteousness


7. Occupying the Promised Land

Joshua 1-19

    Occupying and living the abundant life today!


8. David, A man after God's own heart

I Samuel 16-31

    God still seeks men and women after His heart


9. David, God's anointed king

2 Samuel 1 1 Kings 2

    God's "king-call" took minutes; His king-preparation took 20 years


10. Exile in Babylon


    The consequence of turning away from God


11. Rebuilding the Temple


    Returning from exile and rebuilding relationship with God


11. Rebuilding the walls


    True life and security can only be (re) built upon a relationship with God

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